Crazy Times Call for Crazy PROFITS!!

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I am simply blown away at how much the market has blown up just in the last couple of months! That's right, no typo - COUPLE OF MONTHS! I recall when doing a CMA (competitive market analysis) for a listing appointment end of March/first of April, one of the metrics was price per square foot. My client's home was in Waleska and at that time, the average price per square foot was between $124-131. Fast forward to May and the exact same metric is now between $150-$160 per square foot! Do you realize the numbers to which those figures equate?!? That means a couple months ago, using ONLY this metric, my client's house should have listed for around $292-321K. NOW, that same house on just that metric alone should be listed between $368-393K! WHAT? The even crazier thing about it is even at the highest of those estimations, sellers will still get multiple offers and likely above asking price! If there was ever a time to go ahead and list your house or unload some property you may have in your investment portfolio - that time is NOW!